Chrome Extensions For The Win

As Salesforce professionals, we each have our own unique ways of getting things done on the platform; A workflow that drives our day-to-day interaction with the system. Unfortunately, most of the paths that Salesforce provides to get to critical configuration items are often plagued by time-sucking activities.

Multiple clicks to get to a custom field definition, writing tedious SOQL queries to see all the data on a record, or tracking manually the changes that you’ve made that need to go into a changeset are just a few that might immediately come to mind.

Luckily the brilliant development community has taken to the proverbial streets and developed a ton of incredible Chrome extensions to save themselves, and luckily us, as much precious time as possible while navigating the Salesforce ecosystem. Here are 5 Chrome extensions I now can’t live without.

1. Salesforce Inspector

Salesforce Inspector is the “gold standard” of Salesforce extensions.

Through the magic of Chrome and Javascript, each of your Salesforce pages will now dawn a new side panel that will allow you to view not only the API name and ID of the object record you are viewing, but all of its field names, labels, values, and types in a single searchable screen.

No need to run a query or *shudder* drag a field onto a page layout just to see its value.

2. Salesforce Advanced Code Searcher

This tool is for every developer out there who has longed for a quick and easy way to locate certain classes and pages in Salesforce. Quickly search through your instance’s Apex classes, triggers, Visualforce pages, and components with ease from the comfort of the Setup page.

3. Salesforce API Fieldnames

A small handy extension that lets you toggle between the field labels and API field names on any salesforce detail pages. Great for quickly identifying which field is which (when you, unfortunately, have several fields with the same name).

4. Salesforce Navigator

Salesforce Navigator does exactly what the name implies. It is an incredible little tool that adds a “spotlight” like a search bar that lets you search for and navigate to just about anything in Salesforce.

From opening the list view of your favorite object to going directly into Process Builder, this quick navigation toll is great when you want to save a few clicks or if you straight up don’t know where to find a certain page in the setup menu.

Sadly this tool only works in Classic, but there is a solution for that…

4.5. Salesforce Navigator For Lightning

The same as above but now for lightning!

5. Salesforce Colored Favicons

We’ve all had that “oh crap I’m in Production, not a Sandbox!” moment while working in Salesforce.

Luckily, the Salesforce Colored Favicons extension is here to help. By overriding the standard salesforce favicon with one colored based on the org, you can relive some of the aforementioned stress through the power of the rainbow.