On June 11, Codey the snorkeling bear greeted us with new features in the Summer ’18 release.  We reviewed the 554-page manual and have identified five exciting new features that boost customer service agent productivity.

1. Case Teams Are Now Lightning-Ready

If your organization is predominately using Lightning Experience to manage cases, your customer service agents may not have had access to Case Teams. Case Teams empower your cross-functional teams to collaborate more effectively when resolving issues in the case queue. These role-based assignments ensure the right resources are bringing their expertise to a case.

For example, a customer may create a case due to an issue with a product. With Case Teams, an agent can quickly engage a product engineer to discover a workaround for the immediate issue and engage a product manager to prioritize and schedule a long-term fix. To start using Case Teams, add the related list to the appropriate “Page Layouts” and create roles using Service > Case Teams > Case Teams Roles under the “Setup” menu.

Case Teams Are Now Lightning-Ready

2. Record Internal Comments When Closing A Case

Agents can now leave internal case comments while closing a case in Lightning Experience. Before this upgrade, service agents needed to flip to the “Related Lists” tab, scroll to the case comments, leave a comment, click save, access a different screen to change the status to closed and click save again. Today, using a quick action in Lightning Experience, an agent can change the status and add an internal comment in a single view.

Record Internal Comments When Closing A Case

3. Drag And Drop Email Attachments In Case Emails

Sometimes the file you need to send to someone is staring at you in a folder that you have open, and you grimace at the thought of rummaging for the file through your web browser. Turn that frown upside-down. In the Summer ’18 release, Salesforce enabled drag-and-drop functionality while drafting emails within your case feed.

Drag And Drop Email Attachments In Case Emails

4. Discover Case Comments Using Global Search

Sometimes the information your agents need to diagnose an issue is not present within the “Case” or “Knowledge” objects, but rather hiding deep within comments associated with a case. Now, your Service Agents can do a global search for keywords residing in comments to solve customer issues more quickly.

Discover Case Comments Using Global Search

5. Auto-Saving Draft Emails Helps Agents Save The Day

Your service agents are multitasking superheroes. Sometimes, when working on multiple tasks at the same time, an email that was started in Salesforce might get lost due to a session timeout while the agent is doing some research. Salesforce Administrators can help their agents save the day by enabling “Email Drafts” under the Support Settings page in the setup menu.

Auto-Saving Draft Emails Helps Agents Save The Day


We hope your agents enjoy these features as much as we do. Some of these features are activated automatically, while others need to be turned on by a Salesforce Administrator.