Ken Tietz


Ken Tietz, President Software Products - HMB, Inc

Fun Facts

  • Ken's first concert was Otis Day And The Knights
  • His dream job is to open up a bar in Bora Bora and rent surfboards on the beach
  • Ken values personal growth and lives by the saying, "If you aren't growing, you're dying."

Ken is a triple threat. He has an entrepreneurial spirit, deep IT acumen, and serious tenacity. This is why HMB made him President of Software Products. They needed a force of nature driving their innovative software solutions to market, and they knew he was it.


Ken spends much of his time leading extensive market research and developing new business models around HMB’s most successful software solutions. He is fascinated by the process of using technology to grow businesses. According to him, it’s the ultimate challenge and reward. But his true motivation is taking the faith customers put in HMB and transforming it into trust.


Ken refers to leadership as an “opportunity” and considers his greatest professional achievement to be the relationships he’s cultivated over the years. The most fulfilling aspect of his job is hiring, mentoring, and watching as the people under his charge evolve toward their potential.


When he’s not using technology to solve business problems, Ken takes every opportunity to get outdoors with his family. No matter the season, he seeks adventure. From skiing and snowboarding to wakeboarding and surfing, Ken loves just about any sport that gives him an adrenaline rush. The more rugged and remote — the better.