Application Modernization

Cloud-enabled applications both save you time and headaches and drive your innovation. We can help you get there.

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Unsure About Your Modernization Roadmap?

Applications built on the cloud with modern technologies and patterns are easier to maintain, faster to develop, and let you take advantage of AI and ML.

  • Are your applications becoming more difficult to maintain?
  • Is your business frustrated by how long change takes?
  • Do your applications cost more and perform worse than you think they should?​
  • Do you have trouble finding people who can support your apps?
  • Are security and compliance concerns keeping you up at night?
  • Are you unsure how cutting edge technology like Machine Learning can fit into your architecture?

You can get back to a place where your technology helps your business innovate.

Build Applications That Drive Your Business Forward.

Modern applications deliver top performance, are easy to maintain and improve, and fit into your overall data strategy.

Spend more of your time, money, and attention building business value and not maintaining legacy applications.

HMB can help you design a modernization roadmap that will reduce your cost of maintaining and hosting legacy applications, make your development process more agile and nimble, and let you use your data (your most valuable asset) to make smart business decisions.

Make your applications work for you, not the other way around.

Move to modern, cloud-enabled, intelligent, and secure application development.

Modernize Your Apps to Leverage the Cloud and Devops

We have a plan to help you leverage modern microservices architectures, break up monoliths, and move towards hybrid and cloud-native applications.

Your success hinges on having the right strategy. We can help you analyze your applications, understand their complexity, and customize a modernization plan that’s exactly right for you.

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We evaluate your app ecosystem to create a straightforward modernization plan.


We identify quick-wins that will accelerate your business and take advantage of modern technology as quickly as possible.

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