CodeMash 2017: A Recap

Jan 19, 2017 by Danielle Ramsey

The annual developer migration known as CodeMash took place last week when technology enthusiasts from all over the Midwest flocked to Sandusky, Ohio’s Kalahari Water Park. CodeMash is a popular development and technology conference that celebrated its eleventh year last week (January 10-13, 2017).

HMB was proud to support CodeMash for a sixth consecutive year as a gold sponsor. In addition to HMB sponsoring a booth, hosting a cabana party, and organizing a popular game-show session, more than 30 of HMB’s employees attended the conference.

So, what did we think? Here’s a rundown of our favorite CodeMash experiences and overall thoughts.

The CodeMash Sessions:

CodeMash began with two days of pre-compiler sessions that deep-dived into a variety of subjects, from 3D-printing and modeling to game development to learning new languages and frameworks. Starting on Thursday, CodeMash transitioned to its more traditional one-hour developer sessions which is when most attendees arrive.

These one-hour sessions are a great way to catch up quickly on emerging trends in technology. HMB’s BI Practice Director, Brian Dunzweiler said this about CodeMash sessions, “This will be my fifth year attending CodeMash and I’ve found at least one session each year that has presented a technique or technology piece that I could apply to my work projects.”

And, with more than 200 sessions to choose from, it’s not hard to find something relevant. This year popular topic themes included: security, functional programming, abusing C# (as explained by popular C# author Jon Skeet), automation testing, JavaScript frameworks, data visualization, containers, VR, and many more.

Here are some of our HMB employees’ thoughts on CodeMash sessions:

Favorite session I’ve been to thus far was by Matt Johnson about date/time handling. He presented a lot of interesting edge cases that you need to support and think about as you work through date time handling across any type of application.
– Todd Nussbaum


“This is my first year at CodeMash and I’m going to a lot of Elixir sessions and learning more about functional programming.”
– Jake Prem

codemash-lunch codemash-after-session 



“I’m really excited every year to come back and get exposed to new technologies quickly”
– Russell Patterson


“I went to a math free introduction to neural networks. It was really cool because it’s a topic that’s usually extremely complex but the speaker simplified it and made it fun and really interesting.”
– David Logsdon



HMB was also very excited to participate as a sponsored presenter this year, bringing back from last year (by popular demand) the game show themed session So You Know How to Code? A Gameshow for Geeks hosted by HMB’s own Heath Murphy. During this session CodeMash attendees competed in groups to complete a series of code-related questions. The lucky winners received an Arduino Uno.


Heath Murphy, Ethan Harman, and David Logsdon pose after completing their CodeMash session So you know how to code? A Gameshow for Geeks.

These “sessions” sound great. But is that all there is to do at CodeMash?

Oh, young Padawan, if you haven’t been to CodeMash before you’re in for a treat.

CodeMash is set in America's largest indoor waterpark. After sessions are over you’re free to head to the wave pool and water slides. If you attend next year, don’t forget to stop by HMB’s annual cabana party at the nighttime waterpark party, which (of course) includes free food and drinks!

Outside of the waterpark, CodeMash also has KidzMash, a free conference where kids can learn about technology, Artemis (a starship bridge simulator game), and a board game room so you can get your Cones of Dunshire on – (we call ledgerman)!

HMB also loves getting together with our coworkers for fun, HMB consultant Jonathan Allen shared, “My favorite thing about CodeMash, in addition to the sessions, is seeing all the HMB guys outside of the office.”

codemash-by-the-booth codemash-at-the-villa


HMBer, Mike Hand, summed it up with this, “Being at CodeMash is just a great opportunity to enjoy being a developer and to be around other people who also enjoy being developers."

However, another HMBer, Ethan Harman had a different take on what makes CodeMash so great, "Two words: water slides."

Want to see more? Check out HMB’s CodeMash Highlight Video:

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