OpenText RightFax Hidden Gems: Hold for Preview

Mar 20, 2018 by Lanny Sparks

Hello, fellow RightFaxers! Most likely, this blog will relate more to the infrequent users to moderately frequent users (whatever THAT means!). There are a couple of tools in RightFax that can be of great help, and are on the button bar and within the popup menu by right-clicking on an outbound fax.

Today, we look at a simple one, but one that could save you time and, perhaps, embarrassment.

Let’s get right into this. The scenario is that you wish to send a fax and you are uncertain about the received fax quality. It might be due to small fonts, a lot of text on the page, or there are graphics in your documents. What you need is Hold for Preview. This function allows you to begin the sending process but automatically stops it immediately after conversion.

We begin with opening FaxUtil, and when open, click on the “New Fax” button (or File > New Fax). Enter in the “Name” and “Fax Number”. Do you remember why these two titles are bolded? That is correct! These are mandatory fields; the fax will not send without this information. To the right of the “TO” group is the “OPTIONS” group. Make certain “Fine Mode” is checked, the “Use Cover Sheet” is checked (if applicable), and check the “Hold for Preview”.

Fax Information ScreenshotFor the Cover Sheet NotesAttachments, and More Options tabs, perform what functions are necessary. It rather goes without saying, that if you are doing a “Hold for Preview” you are going to have attachments. Once you have completed your journey through these tabs, click on the “Send” button.

And, off it goes!

And, it comes to the proverbial screeching halt!

Fax Util ScreenshotThe transmission process stops here, the Status changes from “In Conversion” to “Hold for Preview”. The user will double click on the fax to view the documents.

You will look for indecipherable text, blacked out graphics, and fuzzy anything. When there are problems reading your attachments, then you will have to try to correct them by increasing font size, and removing colors, or grayscale, from images, or create darker lines if they are broken or nonexistent in the Preview. Then try sending the fax again with “Hold for Preview” selected.

Remember this will be the best the image can look. Image quality goes down after adding in transmission line noise (pixels) and a (probably) dirty fax machine on the receiving end.

Fax Release Screenshot
In our case, the fax looks good, so right-click on the fax, click on “Status” > “Release” and the fax will finish transmitting.

That is all there is to it. It is a good idea to check your attachments with “Hold for “Preview”. This could keep you from having to resend the previously unreadable documents again after cleanup, and your recipient will appreciate it.

Our next subject will cover several of other features in RightFax FaxUtil including two very similar buttons, their differences, and a mnemonic to help you remember what they do.

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