A Nifty Treat in Verifier: Batch Management Dialog

Jun 26, 2018 by Lanny Sparks

In one of the later point releases of TeleForm v10.x, there were some improvements in the Batch Management Dialog. One that is often missed, and is nicely hidden, is adding additional columns to the Verifier | Batch Management dialog. One can add up to about nine new columns. Moreover, it is easy to remove columns you do not need. These columns are workstation-based, that is, the column display can be different on all Verifier workstations.

How to do this wondrous thing, you may ask. As in everything in TeleForm, it is easy and fun!

Open Verifier and bring up the Batch Management dialog (Utilities > Batch Management is an easy way to do this; clicking on the Batch Management button is easier). Then click on the “Options” button to the right of the batch pane.

Most likely, you are familiar with the “Options” dialog, but wait . . . there is another tab!

TeleForm Verifier Batch-Management Dialog Column Screenshot
Figure 1

1. Click on the Columns tab

  1. This dialog is similar to several other TeleForm dialogs
  2. Select the columns in the “Excluded” side and use the left arrow button to place them in the “Included” side (See Figure 1)
  3. To arrange, select the column names and use the “Up”/”Down” buttons
  4. To remove a column from the “Included” side, highlight and left arrow button

2. When finished, click on “Apply” and then “OK”

In my system, I added the:

  • Create Time
  • Complete Time
  • Age (I LOVE this)

Looking at the Batch Management Dialog, we see the added columns:

TeleForm Verifier- | Batch Management Rendered Columns 

Also, keep in mind that one can sort all columns in the Batch Management dialog by clicking on the header.

That is all there is to it! You will see at a glance, the status of batches assigned to you along with the Age of the batch, the Create Time (the time the batch hit Reader) and the Complete Time (when exported). It does make the dialog longer, but you can condense the column size (as I did above) or remove columns you never use.

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