TeleForm “Skip Save As” Procedure

Jul 31, 2018 by Lanny Sparks

Back again, TeleForm Enthusiasts, with an ancient feature that most Form Designers use, but not everyone. I am aware of clients who know about this procedure but decline to use it. They eventually acquire an enormous number of the somewhat modified and renamed templates. In some instances that is fine; this is more of a preferential feature, in my opinion.

My good friend, Dr. Lance O’Boyle, is designing an emergency room form (he likes doing this mostly because he does not have to wear ill-fitting, sweaty nitrile gloves all the time). He, regrettably, did not sign up for the intensive HMB Complete TeleForm Training Course, and so he occasionally runs up against some situations that are beyond his ken. Being both a physician and a man, he tends to not look up the issue in the Help (or read the “manual”) and does what he thinks is best—this does not make him a bad person.

After his first designing session, he runs “Save As” and saves the template with the name “ER IV Therapy Record” with the randomly assigned Form ID number. As time goes by, he opens Designer, selects the template (that is in “Draft” mode) and when finished, he simply saves the template, overwriting the previous one. Fine.

When the design seems complete, he distributes it to colleagues to gain their input on the form. He expects to get possible new field ideas from them: requests to remove unneeded or redundant fields, suggested changes to data field orders, additional choices to be added to Choose Fields and Entry Fields; Lance expects all of this to occur.

Teleform Activate Pop Up

While he waits for the input, the good doctor runs the Activate process, which “turns on” the template. The doctor then tests the form. The form tests reasonably well (there are modifications required), and he makes his modifications. When he goes to save the template, this warning message pops up, and he cannot save it.

Lance figures out that the only option left to him is to run the “Save As” saving process a second time, and he gets a default template name of “ER IV Therapy RecordX”. Somewhat puzzled, he accepts that and now has a new Form ID and template name.

Unsurprisingly, critiques now come in, and he has work to do. After taking care of the modifications, our fair-haired boy goes to save the form, and the same warning message appears. He runs “Save As” again and gets a new Form ID and template name, this time it is “ER IV Therapy RecordXX”. He is beginning to see that he could get a dozen or more of these new template names and Form IDs. Lance is now as exasperated as when he gets a new intern who cannot hold a retractor properly.

Here is what he would have learned in my class: If you want to save an activated template, and overwrite the current one, then use the “Skip Save As” procedure:

Teleform Skip Save As Procedure The “Skip Save As” Procedure

In Designer, with the template open:

  1. Go to the Utilities menu
  2. Select “Configuration” (near the bottom of the dropdown)
  3. The “Global & Local TeleForm Settings” dialog will appear
  4. Select the Designer tab
  5. Select the Advanced subtab
  6. Click on the checkbox:
    • “Skip ‘Save As’ dialog for activated templates”
  7. Click on “Apply”
  8. Click on the “OK” button
  9. Click on the “Save” button on the top button bar, or go to File > Save.

The template saves as the previous template name and Form ID. Any time you wish NOT to run this process, you can merely click on "Cancel" in the warning message box and run the File > Save As. Give the template a new name (or usually a modified name, such as adding v2.0), and TeleForm assigns a new Form ID.

We have some clients who rack up a dozen or more template names and Form IDs and leave the “Xs” at the end of the template name, such as “ER IV Therapy FormXXXXXX”. This tells the designer that he/she has six iterations of the original template. Is this bad? No, not really. It is a preferential thing and certainly can give some designers piece of mind. Do this if you want, but do not forget about the ability to use this “Skip Save As” procedure.

Lance is happy and looking intensely for other TeleForm applications for the ER. After all, as he explained it to me, he truly must get away from having to do all the “3 stitch closures”.

My comment was, “Suture self”.

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