Webinar Recap: 4 Strategies for Reducing O365 Admin Time

Aug 28, 2018 by Trey Mayer

If you missed our recent webinar, “4 Strategies for Reducing O365 Admin Time,” then we have great news for you...we recorded the whole thing!

Check out the below video to get insider knowledge on how to streamline your Microsoft Office 365 administration time:

Most administrative tasks fall into one of four categories—user management, license comprehension and management, security and data loss prevention. In each of these categories automation holds the potential to exponentially save time, effort and money.

The question, then, is how.

Here are some highlights from the webinar:

User Management

When it comes to user-related processes (onboarding, offboarding or profile management), it’s a matter of automating user information. Syncing with HR’s software can allow quick and easy data sharing, too.

License Comprehension and Management

License audits are essential to assuring your business isn’t overspending—which it likely is. But manually conducting the audit is tedious and time consuming. Instead, automate the audit and write it off your to-do list.


Security encompasses many different components, but one crucial aspect to consider is enabling multifactor authentication and automating log outs.

Data Loss Prevention

Lastly, at a very local level you can help protect your enterprise’s sensitive data by automating data sharing rules, preventing intentional or unintentional sharing of sensitive information.

And we’ve only scraped the surface here…

Want to learn more about automation’s role in your O365 administration? Well, if you missed the webinar, you can still watch it here. Check out all the ways automation can make your Office 365 the key to success it should be.

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