Our Favorite Features in RightFax 16.4

Sep 27, 2018 by Sarah Schexnayder

OpenText released the newest version of RightFax last month, 16.4. 

This version (now called Enhancement Pack) is chock full of great new features.  More details can be found here: 




Here are some of my favorite new features:


RightFax FaxUtil Web:

Brand new, full featured web client that has great feature to the traditional desktop client.  It's great for organizations looking for a thin client deployment but the same features of FaxUtil.  

RightFax FaxUtil

RightFax Content Search:

RightFax now has the capability to store the OCR content of inbound and outbound faxes directly in the fax database so users can find their faxes faster.  

RightFax Content Search

RightFax Archive:

Previously, if customers wants to archive faxes they needed to use a third-party solution, like Alchemy, M-Files, or another document management solution.  RightFax Archive is now an easy add-on module, good for unlimited users, and is integrated with RightFax's aging and security settings.  


RightFax Report Automation:

Now you can schedule when you want to run reports! Reports can also be automatically saved out to a network directory in a variety of formats so you can choose a file format that is easiest for your organization to use.  


RightFax Secure FoIP Channel Licenses: 

Security is still king when it comes to faxing.  If security is critical to your fax application, you may want to consider upgrading your FoIP channel licenses to Secure FoIP Channel Licenses.  This upgrade introduces support for TLS over SIP.  TLS provides endpoint authentication by using mutual or two-way authentication on a hop-by-hop basis.  This allows you to improve security with encryption of FoIP traffic inside your firewall.  


Making it happen

If you want to find out more about 16.4 and start planning your upgrade, HMB can help.  Please contact John Paider who is ready to answer your questions and put together an upgrade plan for you.  


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