Welcoming Changes to Teleform Purge Log

Oct 2, 2018 by Lanny Sparks

As a TeleForm Administrator, or power user, you have seen the Purge Log before. Quite a while ago when TeleForm v10.8 came out it contained a long-awaited and significantly changed interface.

Not content with being just cosmetic, they present a new approa­chto both the Purge Log and the Log/Tracking menu items. In an upcoming blog, Log/Tracking has some terrific new, and more in-depth, features. 

The Purge Log, from v3.x to 10.7, did not change, not at all. Aside from being a bit plain, anything selected for purging, purged on one schedule. Thiswas not particularlyfriendly. Purging something like Data Records, or Images, or Logs, would execute to the unified schedule. If not, no purge, or the user would perform a manual purge.

Now, we have independent selection of each parameter now assigned to its dedicatedpurge schedule.

Teleform purge chart-1

The rude, pointy hand (to the right) shows the Schedule button that carried over from previous versions. Making this easy comes at the end of the blog.

To start, select the Automatic checkbox, and Log Results, if you wish. Select the Record Types you wish to purge by placing an check in the Purge column. NOTE:  There is one more Record Type at the bottom that does not appear in the above screenshot: the Error Log (don’t forget this guy); scroll down for that. Enter the aging in the Age column to reflect the specific number of hours or days to retain the record (remember, this time conforms to the server clock, or the workstation clock with Desktop). 

Moving to the OddlyUnnamed Column, at the far right. By selecting the All option, the user sees that any aging previously set up reverse to “0”, and all records are purged based on the schedule set at the top of the dialog.

Selecting Hours or Days sets the aging parameter.  Let us move up to the Schedule button near the dialog’s top. This section functions as before. If the Automatic checkbox is UNCHECKED the entire Schedule group grays out. 

Teleform purge automatic checkbox

With the Automatic checkbox CHECKED, the scheduling activates. Select a specific workstation via the Workstation Session listbox to process the purges, if desired.

The Log Results check box, when CHECKED, records the purge results. The result writes to the default log file for the module where the purge is running. For example, if a manual purge runs inside Designer, the purge’s results writes to the tfdesign…log file. Purges running in Reader throwsthe records into the tfreader<computername>_01.log.

Teleform Log results

When setting up a schedule, enter the time increment first, then the time frame. If I selected Days or Seconds, the ON and AT listbox for the days of the week blanks out. Finally, enterthe time. The best time to schedule the purge is AFTER the server backup (usually in the wee hours of the morning – check with your network administrator). That allows access to the purged files if a nasty event occurs. If you are running the Desktop type, then you must leave the computer for the purge to work.

The Purge Now button appears as in previous versions, and executes an immediate purge based on the set parameters.

When completed, click on OK. Back at the first Purge Log dialog, click on Closeto save and exit. 

That is all there is to it. TeleForm clients, who need to make reports across several days, weeks, or even months, findthis to be of incalculable usefulness. Be sure to take your reporting requirements into high consideration when setting the purges.

At this point, you might be a bit confused. So, here is a summary:

The SCHEDULE dictates when the purge executes. The RECORD TYPE, AGE and Oddly Unnamed Column

dictates how long the record files hold until the scheduled purge occurs. 

Example:   If you have purges scheduled for every Sunday at 3:00AM, and the Error Log category scheduled for every 60 days, then an Error Log purge occurs every 8th Sunday.  

As always, please submit any questions, comments, or suggestions for future blog subjects!

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