Customize TeleForm Designer: Make Designing Even More Fun!

Oct 9, 2018 by Lanny Sparks
Ah! When I hear the word “customize”, it brings me back to the years of my callow youth. Those golden years of cars with tailfins, and built with an acre of steel. Seat belts and airbags, HA! Long, hideously dangerous knobs and other protuberances on the dashboard, just ready to poke the bench seated, unsuspecting driver and passengers in the head (or more accurately, in the eye) during a sharp stop or an accident.These wallowing monsters could be customized with Laker pipes, a spare tire Continental kit, chrome carburetors and hood ornaments, fuzzy dice, and equally fuzzy headliners and steering wheels, glass packs and even an 8 track. Hmmmmm. However, I digress.

At my age, I am left with customizing my TeleForm Designer. The default toolbars are okay. Essential buttons exist, but are not visible. So, let us customize your Designer toolbar.

In Designer, go to the Utilities menu and select Customize. Click on the Commands tab.

In the left pane are the categories that correspond to the menu items displayed when a template is open. To the right are the available buttons. The first thing I do after a workstation installation is start with the File Category and select the right printer button (there are two). When you select a button, itsdescription pops up in a box below. This selected printer button prompts you for settings. The default printer button prints to your default printer immediately!Thismight notbe what you want. Click and hold on the right printer button and drag it up next to the default button and release. Click on the default printer button and drag into the gray workspace and release. That’s the first one!

Select the View Category. If the following buttons do not show up in the top button bar, select the Field List, Ruler and Show Grid buttons (individually!) and drag them up to the left of the Snap to Grid button on the top button bar. Use these from time to time, mostly to give you more workspace.

Pro tip: use the Snap-to-Grid button much more often than the others.

Next, comes the Shape Category. In versions 11.0 and on, the Library is now a vertical tab at the top right of the workspace. This is not the big deal it was made out to be. I prefer to have the Library button on the bottom bar as it has been since, well, forever. Select the Library button. I drag it up to the right of the Capture Zone button on the bottom bar.

When one looks at the Library, it requires a stern perusal of the default options that show their creation in the mid-‘90s. Moreover, poorly at that. I have created a “new” default library with more common sense, more useful and prettier objects. If you would like it, email me [] and I’ll send it to you with instructions.

Lastly, we come to the Object Category. Here again, it is unbelievable that the buttons I am going to suggest are not defaults. Select the following buttons individually:

  1. Same Width button to the right of the Center Vertically button on the lower bar.
  2. To the right of that, in order comes: 
    1. Same Height, 
    2. Send to Back, 
    3. Send to Front, 
    4. Space Equally Across,
    5. Space Equally Down

Click on the OK button and there you have it; behold your beautifully modified set of Designer toolbars!!

Thinking of all this brings me back to my brand new 1965 bronze Mustang with the chrome Mustang hood ornament, the chrome, badged and personalized dash nameplate, the chromed wheels, chromed air cleaner and rocker covers.

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