Use TeleForm Scan Station for What?

Mar 7, 2019 by Lanny Sparks
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Hello, friendly TeleForm users! Every so often clients mention they need to scan documents that are not TeleForm-related. Their complaints centered on the complexity of the programs that come with the scanner. Sometimes the manufacturer’s scanning program is missing; only the driver exists. They basically want to scan, and do not want to look at all the options and controls. 

Most times, I do, too.

Use TeleForm Scan Station for this. It is easy, fun and economical (not too sure about the last one, though). Open Scan Station and either go to File > Non-Batch Processing, or click on the Non-BatchProcessing button on the top button bar. This brings up the Non-Batch Processing dialog. There are two tabs of interest.

First, go to the Items tab. Select the scanner, select or create the appropriate scanner settings (you know how to do this) that you will need for these documents, and set the Feeder status.  5

Click on the Details tab. Click on the radio button Save to Directory and at the ellipses button select the destination folder. Underneath that, select the format; you have 13 choices. Choose wisely. Usually, you will want either PDF or TIFF Group 4 (or maybe Group 3).

Select whether the images should go in one file,or separate files. And finally, do a Check for and Remove Blank Pages. This uses the default scanner property of 3.00% for blank page removal.

Load the paper and scan away!

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