Our fully-funded HMB Connect social committee is partially to blame (or thank, really) for our happy hours, award-winning volley ball teams, video game nights (we have some really great Smash Bros players) and family events. But our Improvement Committee are the “ears” of the company, turning suggestions submitted to our Better Box into actionable change for our organization. In this way, our people truly control the culture of HMB.

And if you’re a college student looking to add jet-fuel to the start of your career, you can enroll in our Grad Academy and get an overwhelming amount of experience working for real clients. Oh, and we pay you.

Do the Right Thing

We believe any challenge in business, or life, can be accomplished and done well, ethically and with high integrity. “The true test of one's character is what one does when no one is watching.” This is the backbone of how we treat our workmates and clients.


We laugh and have fun; we celebrate; we encourage work-life balance; we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We grow professionally and encourage others. We believe in enabling and empowering people.


We are passionate about solving technology problems with real solutions and seeing our projects through to success. We like learning about technology and how to use it. We are hard-working.


We are humble. We are adaptable. We are greater together and being united gives us strength; we are energized by a common goal. As problem solvers, we like what we do.

We’re filled with an insatiable need to explore, to grow, to conquer, to constantly prove we’re the best.

If you don’t believe HMB is much more than your typical tech company, let's chat so you can see for yourself.

We are growing fast: from our Columbus, OH HQ to our Houston office, there are plenty of opportunities for talented, hard-working people in our adventure.