HMB’s Microsoft Immersion Experience

Achieve the full potential of your Office 365 platform

Interested in HMB's Microsoft Immersion Experience?

That's great! For a limited time, HMB is offering these sessions to organizations in the Columbus, Ohio and Louisville, Kentucky area for FREE.

Sign up below and we'll reach out to you to schedule a time to conduct the hands-on workshop.

Sign up for HMB's free Microsoft Immersion Experience and learn how to get the most out of Office 365 in a virtual hands-on environment that simulates everyday business scenarios. HMB's certified facilitators, Brian Dunzweiler, and Trey Mayer will customize and lead each session.

Each session is unique, as it is based on the interest of the session’s participants, and typically lasts 1½ – 3 hours.

Brian Dunzweiler, Qualified Microsoft Immersion Experience Facilitator

Brian Dunzweiler
Microsoft Immersion Experience Qualified Facilitator

Trey Mayer, Qualified Microsoft Immersion Experience Facilitator

Trey Mayer
Microsoft Immersion Experience Qualified Facilitator

HMB Microsoft Gold Partner

Here is what your organization will take away from this (virtual) hands-on workshop: 

  • How to apply automation in O365 to dramatically reduce time spent in administrative tasks
  • How to collaborate with co-workers on-site and off-site on up-to-date documents
  • How to efficiently share information and communicating with others
  • How to better manage your email inbox (and get valuable time back)
  • How to keep documents and communications secure and safe from threats
  • How to use BI solutions to gain key insights and make smarter business decisions

What to Expect from the Microsoft Immersion Experience

Your organization will leave with enough time-saving skills to more than offset your 90-minute time investment within a few short days.

This isn't your typical event: you won't see any slides, demos or sales pitches.

This session is customized to your specific business priorities; you'll start the session in a roundtable, discussing your biggest business challenges, and then log into a live environment in the cloud. Our trained facilitator will guide you through a hands-on experience to see how Office 365 can meet your needs in this collaborative, fun environment.

Each session is limited to 10 participants. We can run the sessions in your office, our office, and remotely.