Empower customers and transform experiences.

Digital business isn’t the future. It’s here. People are using their devices, social media and other interactive tools to live truly connected lives. And the businesses that are at the center of these connected lives are winning the war for market and mindshare. We help you align with your customers to create technology products your users want.

Digital businesses often travel uncharted territory, so how far should technology leaders go? It's complicated, but collaborating with our exploration team is a great way to start seeking the answer. By leveraging our diverse experience in various industries, together we can quickly start to turn your digital aspirations into realities.

Our Explore Solutions Provide:

Develop and test prototypes before going “all-in” on technology investments

Automation of  mundane human tasks to reduce operating expenses

Insight into new value adds, differentiators and opportunities for your business

IP creation to differentiate your business from the competition

Our Explore Capabilities Include:

Rapid Technology Prototyping
Rapid Technology Prototyping
Machine Learning
Machine Learning
IoT and Devices
IoT & Devices
IP Creation
IP Creation

Why Explore with HMB?

We have cutting-edge experience

We have experience delivering solutions around IoT, machine learning and other cutting-edge technologies.

We have diverse industry experience

No matter your need, our experience means we can deliver for you.

We have go-to-market frameworks

With experience in both product development and professional services, you can leverage our methodologies to get to market quickly and cost-effectively.

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Do you have a high stakes project that you have to get right the first time? HMB’s Explore experts can help. Contact us to set up a quick meeting over coffee, lunch or the phone.