Information Solutions

Turn vast data into actionable intelligence.

Data is great, but having insight into the right data — and understanding what you do with that information — is what matters. It’s not enough to just have "beautiful reports” and pretty visualizations. Your business intelligence solution should not only help you make great plans, but gain insight and answer questions you didn’t even know to ask.

HMB's Information Solutions team helps CIOs and technology leaders find the signal from the noise and enable business users to access critical information when they need it to make strong, strategic decisions (all while reducing the time IT departments need to be involved).

Our Information Solutions Provide:

A strategic assessment of your business information needs to develop an approach and plan that reflects your goals

A data governance model that support your organization's data and visualization needs

Navigate through complex data integration, data warehousing solutions, metadata management, data cleansing, normalization, and tagging

The ability to make information accessible, available, insightful, efficient, effective, helpful, and provide user-friendly reporting tools

Our Information Solutions Services

Data Organization, Integration & Conversion
Data Organization, Integration & Conversion
Data Reporting, Visualization & Dashboards
Data Reporting, Visualization & Dashboards

Why leverage HMB’s Information Solutions?

We have a mature Data & Analytics model

When it comes to collecting, right-shaping and visualization, we’ve been there, done that

We have assessment accelerators

That help us implement the right approach for your needs

We have Rapid Value Visualization

An Agile approach that gets everyone involved to experience value quickly

We align and engage leadership

Successful roll-outs require both management and teams to be fully engaged

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