You’ve had those days. Too many tasks, looming deadlines, not enough time. Managing grant applications — on top of your other duties — can be overwhelming and time consuming. And it keeps you from focusing your efforts on your core goal: helping LEAs improve academic achievement. What if you could significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to manage grants?

Designed to improve SEA and school district efficiencies, eGrants automates the entire grant lifecycle. The system is entirely web-based, compatible with all major browsers and there are no technology implementation headaches. What does that mean for you? An intuitive, user-friendly system with more accuracy, less paper and reduced administrative burden.


Automate the entire grant lifecycle

Dramatically reduce errors involving invalid or incomplete entries

Easily generate and distribute robust reports

Spend less time on paperwork (we promise)

easy go live egrants

Our team of experts configures eGrants to your specific needs and implements it so your go-live is easy.

Easy Report Generation

Producing and distributing key reports is as simple as a few clicks, and you now have complete transparency into your grants programs with real-time status information.

Easy to configure egrants

eGrants' flexible, configurable workflow allows Local Education Agencies to quickly and easily make corrections and resubmit when issues arise.

Support Team

When your needs change, or when things break, you’re covered. eGrants provides a dedicated support team to make sure you’re always getting the most out of your solution.


Billions of grant dollars awarded through eGrants


Currently managing 15 states' education grants

15 Years Education Experience

15 years experience in education

Time Saved

Reduce time spent managing grants by 50% or greater

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