John Mamula

Vice President, Software Products

Dan Whetstone - President, Client Services

Fun Facts

  • If John could have any job in the world, he would be a pro basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers (he’s a big fan of LeBron James). 
  • The first concert he ever attended was the Charlie Daniels Band, followed by U2 at the Ohio Stadium.
  • If he had one superhuman power, it would be to read minds so that he can better understand what people want and need. 

Over the course of two decades, John watched HMB grow from a small team with tenacity to a mid-size organization with a presence across the country. Originally hired as a developer and technology consultant, he now leads the company’s software products team as they become more established in the market.

John considers his greatest achievement to be the company’s patented grants management system, eGrants. eGrants started as a solution for the Ohio Department of Education. Today, 15 other state education departments have adopted the software created by John and the team at HMB. The solution enables these departments to streamline and automate their grant management process.

In a company as determined as HMB, leadership members wear many hats. This variety is what John loves about his career. From account management, sales, and marketing to application design and development — he does it all!

John loves a good challenge, the likes of which are guaranteed at the start of a new software development project. According to John, listening carefully to the client during initial discussions is paramount. What someone wants isn’t always what they need. For this reason, he is exceptionally good at identifying and understanding the underlying reasons behind a client’s requests. Often, these underlying reasons point toward a completely different solution than anticipated.

When John isn’t at the office, he keeps busy coaching youth sports like flag football and basketball. He admires the drive that kids have to “do the right thing” and is motivated by their fortitude to lead by example. His admiration for sportsmanship is evident in his leadership style at the office. Whether it’s a small task, a big project, or a problem encountered along the way, John believes in shared ownership. He stays involved in the work he delegates to employees and tackles challenges as a team.