Steve Jones

Chief Operations Officer

Steve Jones - Chief Operations Officer | HMB

Fun Facts

  • The first concert Steve ever went to was Blue Oyster Cult.
  • Steve grew up a mile from CEO, Tom Harris (the two didn’t know it until recently).
  • His dream job is to open a coffee shop on the beach and surf all day.
  • He loves the culinary arts and indulging in foods from different cultures around the world.

Steve Jones is one of the most dynamic and cultured leaders of HMB. He brings a worldly-wise perspective to the team; the kind honestly-earned through a lifetime of travel and venture. Having moved every two years for 18 years straight, his experiences living in places like Paris, Vietnam, and Thailand forged in him an extraordinary ability to navigate change.

Heading full-speed into their most impressive growth spurt yet, HMB knew they needed a strong lead with the practical experience to guide them through the transition. Steve was the perfect fit. He’s lead others, including a successful company of his own, through expansions, new branch openings, and international moves. He knew the way forward.

Today, Steve is the guy that manages change. His primary focus is on strategic planning for the future. While his leadership team concentrates on the here and now, Steve’s eyes are fixed on the horizon, ever on the look-out for potential roadblocks and promising opportunities for growth. This is what he loves most about his position as COO; helping others achieve success, and navigating the pathway for them to do so. 

His motivations are simple. He likes to see people happy and potential met. In fact, Steve considers his greatest professional achievement to be the career success of several former employees. Under his charge, they developed the skills and experiences necessary to rise to the top.

Steve’s keen ability to ride the waves of change translates into life outside of HMB, where he lives to surf. From Hawaii and Bali to Cambodia and Vietnam, he appreciates the opportunity to leave work at bay and decompress on open waters.