Thad Leemaster

VP, Business Development

Thad Leemaster - Vice President, Business Development

Fun Facts

  • Thad has seen AC/DC live seven times (including one show with three generations of Leemasters)
  • He grew up watching NBA and Indy NASCAR racing
  • If he could pick any career in the world, he'd either be a fighter pilot or a pro NBA athlete (more specifically, LeBron James)

It takes a lot of personality and integrity to become a respected sales leader. Thad has both in spades. HMB recruited him back in 2013 to amp up their sales department in preparation for big development plans. Today, he is Vice President of the company and manages an incredibly talented sales team, the likes of which he considers to be one of his greatest professional achievements.


One of his top priorities as VP is driving as much client interaction as possible. He genuinely enjoys sharing HMB’s story, which is nothing short of unique in the world of technology. He describes HMB as the city’s well-kept secret; a company with small-biz charm, big biz reach, and strong morals.


A great sales leader also knows how to listen and Thad is all ears. He’s an energetic, “down to earth” kind of guy who loves the industry and works hard to earn the trust of his clients. He doesn’t just consult with them, he invests in them, gets to know their business, and doesn’t rest until the right solutions are in place. According to Thad, solving problems for other people is what makes him feel good at the end of the day.


Outside the office, Thad is a family man. He spends his summers golfing and visiting a lake house up north. In the winter, he takes ski trips to New York or Colorado. But he’s also perfectly content at home hanging out with his kids, watching movies, and living day-to-day life.